But it also makes everyone else miserable.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the sound of rain falling on my tin roof. The kind of rain we’ve been getting anyway, and in appropriate amounts. It’s steady and moderate, not a torential downpour or raging thunderstorm. Just a light constant rain. Like a faint soundtrack in the background, it taps away peacefully and produces a calming effect. After a few days and nights it becomes monotonous though, and the soothing melody becomes a reminder that the garden is growing but little more is getting done on the farm.

Rain, as good as it is and as much as we need it, prevents a lot of daily chores from being done. Trees need trimming and leaves need raking. Pens need mucking and critters need to be attended to. Work on the barn and house needs to proceed in a timely manner. Simple things when taken care of in a timely fashion have become a list of things that are piling up and taunting us. The ground has become mush which has the critters annoyed and the high moisture has made feeding them a challenge as the water soaks into their feed and turns it into something with a gruel like consistency.

The rain was needed though. Not only to end a drought that has been plaguing us for months, but to help in finally getting all of the fires that have been burning in the region under control. Far better to suffer a slight inonvenience than to watch forests and homes reduced to ashes. Far better to wear an oilskin and carry an umbrella than to wear a respirator to leave the house. Also better to have the livestock complaining about too muh water than to have no water to give them. This is how we handle situations like this. We find the good and focus on it.

Sure this will eventually lead to a few days of hustling to get caught up, but the days of rest have been appreciated and little projects that might not have been considered for some time have at least been revisited. Ideas have been tossed around, some plans have been changed. Some wonderful meals, chicken and dumplings and homemade chili have warmed the bellies and spirits of us here on the farm. Through it all we keep looking at, talking about and being thankful for that one indisputable fact…