We’ve finally harvested most of the winter garden and decided it’s time to look back and see how much we reaped versus how much it cost to sow.

Our tiny winter garden held the following plants:
Sugar Snap Peas
Brussels Sprouts

The initial cost for plants was approximately $28.00, so the question is obviously, did we harvest more than $28.00 worth of veggies?

The short answer is no. We probably got close to that investment on our return, but we did not exceed it. Does this mean it was a waste of time? Again the answer is no because we learned a lot from this garden and knowledge, real working knowledge, is priceless.

From this tiny experiment we learned that a drought and an uncommonly warm winter had a huge impact on our yield. We lost all of our sugar snap peas and cauliflower to drought. The warm weather also reduced the production of the other crops. We now know that in the future we need to have rainwater harvested in case of drought and shade cloth at the ready in case of unusual heat. This year’s winter garden WILL be more successful and the yield will be greater.

On a final closing note, we learned one more thing. Garden fresh veggies are SO much better than store bought. No matter how quick they ship to your grocer, nothing beats true garden to table taste. Add to that the fact that we are now eating veg that we know is free from chemicals and suddenly yes, we did reap more than we invested. Safe and healthy food is beyond price, and we’re enjoying every mouthful.

And so, from our farm to your home, Good night – and may your god go with you.