(My Supervisor Marc, sporting his new hat)

It’s been a productive day here at UniVaca – The Tiny Farm.

We started setting the fence posts for the goat paddock. The hardest part of this project is removing the stumps of trees we cut down over the past year. Hopefully we can have all of the posts in by the end of next week, and then we’ll start running the chain link.

We also did some layout work on the old barn/future cabin to give a better idea of how the layout will look by the end of summer. We now have a solid plan for the location of porches, bathroom and kitchen, as well as the bedroom loft.

There were a few small errands to be run, and we knocked those out as quick as possible in order to get home for supper and to water all the critters before dark.

Finally, we went on a driving expedition with Brooke at the wheel. She did really good and I’m sure she’ll be zooming around in her little VW before you know it.