UniVaca – The Tiny Farm

Where the tiny house becomes an agricultural community.



Building Fences

(My Supervisor Marc, sporting his new hat) It's been a productive day here at UniVaca - The Tiny Farm. We started setting the fence posts for the goat paddock. The hardest part of this project is removing the stumps of... Continue Reading →


We’re Having A Baby! Just KIDDING ;)

So Lucy (According to what we've been told) is getting VERY close to giving birth. We're not sure how many kids she will have, but we DO know we need help naming them when they're born. That's where Y'all come... Continue Reading →

What Color Eggs Do Your Goats Lay?

One (more specifically THREE) of the things that have been keeping us busy here on The Tiny Farm is our goats. To be more precise, attempts to keep our goats confined to a specific area on The Tiny Farm has... Continue Reading →

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