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Building Fences

(My Supervisor Marc, sporting his new hat) It's been a productive day here at UniVaca - The Tiny Farm. We started setting the fence posts for the goat paddock. The hardest part of this project is removing the stumps of... Continue Reading →


For What It’s Worth

We've finally harvested most of the winter garden and decided it's time to look back and see how much we reaped versus how much it cost to sow. Our tiny winter garden held the following plants: Sugar Snap Peas Cauliflower... Continue Reading →

UniVaca – What’s in a name?

We all have that "When I was your age" story. That story we heard throughout our young lives so many times that we eventually reached a point of being able to recite it back to our parents as soon as... Continue Reading →

Cold Snapped

Murray and his girls aren't complaining too too much, and neither are the pigs or the rabbits or the chickens. The only thing they seem confused by is how the water got broken. For the past couple days, whenever I... Continue Reading →

Rain Makes The Garden Grow

But it also makes everyone else miserable. Don't get me wrong. I love the sound of rain falling on my tin roof. The kind of rain we've been getting anyway, and in appropriate amounts. It's steady and moderate, not a... Continue Reading →

Good Morning!

  I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the tin roof. Bella was curled up in her recliner and our kitten Short Round (Shawty) was curled up next to me. After a few minutes... Continue Reading →

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